Piano owners are not always aware that tone of their piano can be customized to their own tastes and room acoustics, and to correct for deterioration and age. If the only service your piano has received is tuning, the sound can likely be improved by voicing.

Each piano has its own indiviual tone and can vary from make to model. Voicing is the adjustment of the pianos tone or quality of sound. Tone does not affect pitch. A piano’s tone can range from bright to mellow but it should be even from the lowest to the highest notes. The best tone for your piano is partially determined by your own personal preference and/or which tone is best for the style of music most often played on the instrument.

A piano’s tone will change with age as its parts wear and the regulation becomes uneven. It is also affected by the acoustics of the room. If you experience the sound of your piano changing over time or when it is moved to a new location, then it might be time to consider voicing your piano. It is important to determine this after the piano has been well tuned and regulated.