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What our customer say...

Over the past year, my wife, Diane, and I have purchased two grand pianos from Center Stage Pianos... I was immediately taken by the selection of pianos on the showroom floor. We are so pleased that we made these purchases and spend many hours enjoying the sounds of the great piano composers and song writers. The entire staff at Center Stage has been so thoughtful and considerate covering all the details... Diane and I speak fondly of our piano buying experience and enjoy stopping in the store to visit everyone, but also to notice the piano inventory.

Brian & Diane

My wife and I purchased a Baby Grand piano from Center Stage Piano in 2016. The owner, Doug Kraus, was very helpful explaining the benefits of each style of piano that they had at their store and which would best suit Cynthia's needs. Pricing was great, delivery and setup was exceptional. A few months later they returned to our home to change the location of the piano to a different room for better acoustical performance. Again the service was excellent. They do a yearly followup phone call to make sure that Cynthia is happy with the piano and if any adjustments are needed they have done so within a week or less. We had one small issue that Doug resolved at no charge to us. What else can I say, a great company to do business with, a truly knowledgeable staff who stand by their products 100%.


Grand Pianos

Kawai Blak Series Grands

Kawai's top of the line GX Blak series GX-1 (5' 5"); GX-2 (5' 11"); GX-3 (6' 2"); GX-5 (6' 7"); GX-6 (7'); GX-7 (7' 6") Grands with matching artist bench and Millennium III Action. 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Kawai GL Series Grands

The Kawai GL SERIES. Amazing combination of quality and value. GL-10 (5' 0"), GL-20 (5' 2"), GL-30 (5' 5"), GL-40 (5' 11") and GL-50 (6' 2"). Available in various finishes.

Pearl River GP212

Pearl River GP212


ONLY $23,999 (MSRP $33,495)
Pearl River's 7′ Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an excellent selection for institutions seeking musical excellence at significant cost savings over other options. The construction of the GP212 begins with the precise design of the strungback, the foundation of which is the plate. The GP212 plate is made of high quality "pig iron," which is melted and poured into wet-sand molds. This wet-sand casting process is how the most expensive concert grand pianos in the world are made. Pearl River uses this method in every piano we make. The GP212 features an extremely responsive action which faithfully obeys the commands of pianists at all levels. Shown in Ebony Polish.

Pearl River  GP170

Pearl River GP170


ONLY $6,999 (MSRP $16,295)
The 5'8" GP170 is an ideal sized grand piano for the average-sized home. With all of the features found in Pearl River's largest concert grand pianos, the GP170 brings the concert hall experience into your living room. This grand piano features straight-grained spruce keys, duplex scaling, German felts and strings, and was created by our European and American piano-design consultants. Shown in Mahogany Polish-Sapele.

Steinway M Grand

ONLY $17,999
Don't miss this new arrival! The finish is quarter sawn, book matched Walnut. Currently part of the Steinway "Crown Jewel" optional case veneers. Includes Matching Bench and CSP 5 year used piano warranty.

Kawai KG-6C

Kawai KG-6C

ONLY $11,999
Don't miss this 7' Grand with Matching Bench
The finish is Ebony Polish
Includes CSP 5 year used piano warranty.

Kawai GE-1

Kawai GE-1


ONLY $4,599
Don't miss this 5'1"' Baby Grand with Matching Bench
The finish is Walnut Satin
Includes CSP 5 year used piano warranty.