Humidity Control

Your piano is primarily made of wood. All wood shrinks and swells with humidity changes causing pitch instability. Over time, humidity changes can also result in cracking and splitting of wooden parts and glue failure throughout your piano. Controlling the humidity of your piano provides many benefits such as making tunings hold better and longer; minimizing the expansion and contraction of action parts resulting in improved keyboard responsiveness (reducing the chance of sticky or sluggish keys); prevention of rust on strings and other metal parts; limiting felt deterioration which can affect tone quality; and protects the value of your piano. All these benefits can help avoid potentially expense repairs in the future.

Humidity control units can be installed easily on all vertical and grand pianos. The Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser has a 5 year warranty and includes humidifier, dehumidifier, easy fill water tube, humidistat and lit panel. They are easy to maintain and their benefits are effective immediately.

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